Striving towards Power is a Way to Prime Cause.

World is always changing. World becomes a great mistery when one reveals that what does exist is not what he used to take for. World is everlastingly movement of vivid Spirit streams, Spirit that one can not explain, Spirit that shapes into
material world and manifestations of life. Something appears, something is gone, streams are being born and vanishing in Infinity, are twisting and redirecting, are dissolving.
Human gives names to those stream projections that he sees. That is how material world appears, that is how magic comes out, that is how striving for Spirit comes out for Prime Cause.
Ways of Search may differ, but all of them lead to Prime Cause, to Infinity.
Also as knowledge about this wonderful magic appearance named our world is everlastingly changing.
I open different epochs knowledge: epoch of ancients that foregoed human one, epoch of human, and what remains in coming epoch.
I write about that mood of life that human calls Elation, Inspiration and that creative base of the World that is known as Love.

I write in Russian and you can read in Russian because of the beauty of this language and perfect and flexible forms.

It is not large, and not minute; not short, not long; without blood, without fat; without shadow, without darkness; without wind, without ether; not adhesive, not tangible; without smell, without taste; without eyes, ears, voice or mind, without heat, breath or mouth; without personal or family name, unaging, unborning, undying, without fear, immortal, dustless, not uncovered or covered; with nothing before, nothing behind, nothing within. It consumes no one, and is consumed by no one. It is the unseen seer, the unheard hearer, the unthought thinker, the unknown knower.
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